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Fortune In the Palm of Your Hands

As humans, we always try to impose some form of order on our lives. But as always, there are just some things beyond our control, upsetting even the most well-laid plans. External environmental energies that surround us play a subtle but significant role in affecting these outcomes and our behavior.

What we need is a channel for these energies to lead our lives into success. And that’s where Kangan™ bracelet comes in. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, so it’s up to us to seize control!

The Tiger Stones of Tibet

Kangan™ bracelet is made of Tiger Stones. Each individual stone is blessed by divine mantras based on the ancient Buddhist principles of balance and harmony. It is meant to ward off the evil eye, protecting the wearer from misfortune. It also adapted to bring the wearer luck, fortune, and good health, as well as offer clarity and guidance for life’s endless opportunities.

Benefits Of Kangan™ Bracelet

  • Attracts good fortune and auspicious opportunities
  • Boosts positivity and optimum luck for prosperity
  • Grants clarity to the mind to aid decision-making
  • Harmonizes environmental energy to create situational awareness
  • Wards off negativity and misfortune

How To Use

  • The bracelet is one size fits all for both men and women. It should be worn on your dominant hand.
  • Do not shower with the bracelet, as the dirt you wash off may dirty the beads and limit its effects.
  • Do not let strangers touch the bracelet. If it happens by accident, rinse the bracelet with distilled water.
  • Wear the bracelet at all times and rub on the beads occasionally for maximum effect.

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