Aspero™ - Baby Caramel

Most parts of the body deteriorate as years go by. A lot of people experience physical changes like weaker joints and bones, fine lines and wrinkles, and such. However, the brain function also deteriorates along with these changes. A year added to your age can also mean a year closer to weaker cognitive skills.

The brain controls many aspects of thinking and when it starts to be less active than it was before, it can be tough to do everyday tasks and can even be a hindrance to living independently.

While this is a natural process, it can be avoided naturally with the nootropic effects of Aspero™.

A Faster Intellectual Mind With Aspero™

For centuries, Frankincense has been highly known for its ability to boost cognitive functions and memory but not many people know that it actually protects your brain by preventing the loss of brain neurons, which is all thanks to alpha-pinene.

This is why Aspero™ is made with the highest grade of Frankincense which contains the most alpha-pinene. Also made with P7C3, a rare compound capable of repairing damaged brain neurons while increasing new neural networks at the same time, Aspero™ enables your brain to improve in lacking areas at any age to achieve and maintain its peak condition.

Due to its high neuroprotective effects, Aspero™ is also an ideal and effective remedy for those who have psychological problems such as severe anxiety, insomnia, depression and dementia as it also helps elevate mood, calmness and relieve stress.

Brain-Boosting Benefits Of Aspero™

  • Improves cognitive function, mental performance and memory
  • Reduces brain fog and promotes mental clarity
  • Regenerates brain cells and reduces risk of brain decline
  • Boosts focus and concentration
  • Helps boost energy, mood, or creativity
  • Reduces anxiety and stress

How To Use

Topical Use: Dilute a few drops equally with a carrier oil and apply to the temple. Gently massage with even pressure.

By Diffusion: Use 3 to 4 drops in the diffuser or essential oil burner of your choice and experience better cognitive performance.

*Note: Consumer data has shown that completion of one full treatment (3 bottles) highly correlates with desired results.

What Customers Have To Say

As a 60-year-old grandmother myself, I love playing word games with my grandchildren every weekend. But there came a time where smiles and laughter of my family members were replaced by tears as I slowly forgot about spelling, words and then later, their names. I didn’t want dementia to ruin the rest of my life so my daughter and I tried everything. Surprisingly, the effects of solely using Aspero™ was better than the medicine and treatments. I stopped forgetting things and in fact I can even remember better than my daughter and grandchildren. Now, I play chess with my grandchildren and they’ve never won me yet, haha!

Sandra Howarth, CA

✔ Verified Purchase

My kid was recently diagnosed with ADHD and it breaks my heart to send her to a special school when she has just found a very accepting friend. So, I bought medications for her and took her to therapy sessions but things only worked when Aspero™ came into her life. Her mind was finally at peace. She could focus for long hours without being distracted, without fidgeting a lot and without throwing tantrum. In just a month, she chased up her schoolwork and even became the top of her class! Just apply it onto your temples and you’ll see its magnificent work!

Tray Cooper, 55, YA

✔ Verified Purchase

Being a senior marketing consultant means tons of work, deadlines and stress and since I’m already in my 40s, I started noticing a decline in my focus, speed and I find myself suddenly stuck at times which greatly affected my work. My friend recommended me this oil at first and honestly, I doubted it a lot. Never did I expect that it would give so much help and results after I tried. Because now, I work even more efficiently than before. No more deadlines and in fact, I had to look for more work myself. My colleagues saw my sudden change and asked me to buy 3 for each of them, so that’s why I’m here.

Michael Smith, GA

✔ Verified Purchase


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