Another Music - Baby Caramel

Nobody Knew He Was Concealing An Angelic Voice Behind Sealed Lips

He used to live in utter silence, but now he stands as the youngest opera singer in the world with a brilliant voice that has won him numerous accolades!

The Youngest Opera Singer

The theatre could only listen in astonishment as the little boy on stage sang “Fuor Del Mar”. Known as the hardest opera song in the world, he made it seem effortless.

At 9, his incredible voice filled the theatre without the need for microphones. The performance stretched on for hours, but his voice never wavered. The songs he sang touched the very hearts of his audience, bringing them to tears

Suffering In Silence

Those around the little boy believed that Connor was born with his amazing talents. But shockingly, his parents themselves waited 8 years to even hear him utter a sound. The moment he came into the world- he had been entirely silent.

“We were new parents and had expected to face challenges”

“But all the parenting classes had not prepared us for Connor’s ordeal”

“Caring for him was difficult since he wouldn’t even cry when hungry or in pain”

“It was impossible to know what he needed when he was growing up”

“When he turned 5, he still struggled to understand us or even recognize letters”

“We did everything we could to help him but it all failed”

“It got to the point where we were nearly bankrupted by medical bills”

“But none of it mattered as we would do anything to protect our boy”

-John (Connor’s father)

Detached From The World

They spent years searching for someone who could help Connor and that was when they met Dr. Reed who was a neurologist boasting more than 35 years of experience.

Dr. Reed discovered that Connor was suffering from an extreme form of selective mutism.

“Whilst it’s normally seen as a serious form of anxiety disorder…”

“Connor’s case of selective mutism was different as seen in MRI and PET scans”

“It started when he was in the womb when his brain failed to fully develop”

“And now while his voice box is fully formed…”

“His brain does not have the ability to utilize it”

“It’s as though his brain and his body were disconnected”

“Like how a computer can’t play audio when the wires to the speakers are broken”

“That is the reason he cannot even make a noise”

“And also why he seems to suffer from a serious learning disability”

“Because everything the brain tries to absorb stops after the vision”

-Dr. Reed

Ancestral Genius

Luckily, Dr. Reed had spent years researching lost, ancient remedies. He guessed there must be a case like Connor’s in the past.

At last, he came across a series of papers originating from Ancient Japan. The study described the genius of a group of monks, hailing from a single temple. They boasted more advanced ideas than others of that period.

This was proven by the complex engineering found in their temple that has remained unchanged for centuries.

Dr. Reed paid the temple a visit and upon his arrival, he felt an immediate change. Despite his jetlag, he was wide awake as he smelt the perfume of dried herbs in the air. Within days, he had already learned Japanese from conversing with locals, and he realized he even developed a photographic memory, allowing him to easily memorize religious text in Japanese.

Gift From The Heavens

Dr. Reed was intrigued by this miracle and spoke to the head abbot of the temple and the old monk was happy to share their story.

“Our ancestor came to this mountain centuries ago in search of wisdom”

“That was when he found a strange herb growing in the wild”

“When he smelt its scent, he felt his mind clear”

“And it allowed him to understand the universe”

“With his genius, he could see the link between all things in the world”

“He spent years meditating with the herb”

“And soaked it in his bath waters each evening”

“As time passed, this practice boosted his brain power”

“Others came to follow his teaching and practice this tradition”

“However, attempts to grow the herb elsewhere has failed”

“That was why he built this temple here”

“In modern times, many visitors come to pray for educational success”

“And many return with thanks as they pass their exams with flying colors”

“This was how the herb earned the moniker ‘Heaven’s Leaf’”


Groundbreaking Discovery

Dr. Reed was amazed by the benefits of the herb and received a sample for further study. He soon realized the herbs were a subspecies of clary sage. To understand the herb’s effect on the human brain, he ran simulations on an EEG and what he discovered would revolutionize the world of medicine forever.

“The main makeup of the clary sage is linalyl acetate and linalool”

“These microscopic molecules pass into the brain when breathed in”

“Allowing for linalool to increase cell growth and improve the production of grey matter”

“Grey matter is what forms the brain and is linked with high intelligence”

“This in turn links the brain and body, allowing for it to function at its best”

“Linalool is also a form of neuroprotection that repair dying neurotransmitters”

“And improving the processing speed in the brain by up to 80%”

“This leads to faster thinking skills and improved memory”

“These tests proved that not only did clary sage aid in brain development…”

“But it can even offer help to those with dementia and ADHD”

-Dr. Reed

Birth Of Henotsu™

Dr. Reed knew this discovery could not only help Connor but so many others. So, he began working to create the perfect formulation from the clary sage. At last, he was able to extract the most concentrated essence from the herb, allowing for its abilities to be fully utilized.

And at last, he was ready to introduce Henotsu™ to the world.

A Father’s Pride

Connor and his parents received a bottle of Henotsu™ to use. When the boy slept, his parents sprayed some on his pillow and during the days, they would rub several drops on his temples.

Changes began to show over the coming days.

He was soon able to understand the words spoken to him, which led to him watching cartoon musicals as he now understood the lyrics.

Two weeks after they started treatment, a miracle occurred. Whilst tucking Connor in and kissing him good night, his parents reminded him once again that they loved him, as they did every night.

But that night, he actually spoke up to respond!

“Every day, I think back to that moment with tears in my eyes”

“When we heard him call us mom and dad…”

“Then replying and saying ‘I love you too’”

“It felt that at last, everything was going to get better”

-John, Connor’s father

The Start Of A Legend

Connor’s love for music continued to grow with each passing day. He spent every moment he could, singing with an angelic voice, and his passion for music soon extended to traditional opera.

The language barrier of the French and Italian performances did not affect him as he would teach himself how to speak them instead!

Now, Connor is singing in theatres around the world despite being only 9. Not only is he the youngest aria in the world, but he is even able to perform flawlessly in 7 languages!