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From Rags to Riches: The World's Most Fortunate Man

Before the tragic event, David used to have it all from owning a family business with the world’s highest revenue to having the world’s most gold bars and luxurious cars in his mansion.

The Sudden Drastic Downfall

But on that fateful night, everything was quickly gone when David got life-threatened by a handful of burglars.

Even though his family and himself managed to escape, his parents and siblings died shortly after due to a sudden illness and a major car accident. His family business that’s been running for generations had also drastically failed. David tried seeking help from all the connections he had but only to be rejected by everyone including his closest person, his girlfriend.

This terrible turn of events subsequently led him to fall into a deep, dark hole of hopelessness because no matter what he did, nothing just worked out. Without even a cent on himself, David could only sleep on the cold, foreign streets to make only $5 a day from begging when he used to make $500,000 an hour.

An Encounter With The Divine

That was when he witnessed his traumatic incident happening in front of his eyes again, as a priest was completely robbed by a few men on the street David was staying.

Understanding how it felt like, David gave the priest all his money and hoped he could get back to his place safely. But the priest was shocked and couldn’t understand why David would offer him whatever he had left and rather starve for the next day.

So, David started sharing his story to the priest and little did he expect that he’d receive a small token of appreciation from the priest.

“Keep this with you at all times.”

“Your hardships will surely turn into ease through the help of God.”

– Reverend Giuseppi

After Reverend Giuseppi gave him a mysterious smile and left, David was surprised to find in his hands an old-looking medal with engraving of a Catholic Church on one side of the coin and a Holy Cross on the other side of the coin.

Even though David was a Christian himself, he didn’t understand what the medal meant. But David decided to believe the priest and kept it by his side closely.

And things started to change beyond his imagination…

The Rainbow After The Storm

Because on just the next day, people started oddly giving money to only David than to the rest of the beggars! He’s even received so much cash he could stay in the most expensive room of a 5-star hotel!

But David decided to put the money into good use by selling automotive parts online and thanks to his previous experience in his family business, he made a profit of exactly a million dollars!

Ever since he received the old medal from Reverend Giuseppi, David just couldn’t believe how everything worked out so easily. So, he started searching for the church that was engraved on the medal, hoping to be able to meet Reverend Giuseppi again for an answer.

And luck was indeed on his side.

The Origin of The Ancient Medal

This was what David discovered about the unknown truth of the ancient medal from Reverend Giuseppi.

“This is known as the Saint Benedict Medal.”

“On the front of the coin is Saint Benedict of Nursia. He is a famous Christian saint known to had performed many miracles during his lifetime,”

“From finding water on a desolate mountaintop to enabling a person to walk on water.”

“These miracles had worked through the use of his Holy Cross.”

“That’s why they are both engraved along with a raven, which symbolizes God’s gracious provisions,”

“Allowing owners of the medal to receive and fulfill all their needs and wants.”

“And at the back of the medal is a cross with initials of Latin prayers to ward off all kinds of evil and to provide you peace, strength, luck and healing.”

“At first, this medal was made to celebrate the 14000th anniversary of Saint Benedict’s birth,”

“But ever since the 11th century Pope, Leo IX, miraculously recovered from a snake bite,”

“Everyone in town has started using the medal for protection.”

“Eventually, people started earning higher income and experiencing greater health, resulting in a peaceful city with low crime rates and happy citizens.”

“As each medal is carefully carved and blessed with holy water by a priest,”

“Any wearer will definitely be able to change any past forms of bad luck into good to enjoy more positive, happier, healthier and wealthier days.”

“As he or she will continue to be protected by the positive energy of this medal.”

Reverend Giuseppi

Instantly realizing how priceless the medal is, David started wearing it as a necklace to prevent from losing it as he recalled how his father used to own a coin that looked exactly like this medal which gifted them the ideal life everyone wanted.

But ever since the burglars stole it, that’s when things kept falling apart, from the passing of David’s parents, business failure to the rejection of his close ones.

Happiness Is Only Real When Shared

Now, David has overcome all his past struggles with the Saint Benedict Medal, which has even made him now one of the world’s top billionaires, allowing him to run his family business again, build trustworthy connections and finally, find real love.

“After being through the hardship myself, I really hope I could find this medal sooner to avoid all the misfortunes.”

“If you’re currently in a difficult situation, there’s still time,”

“Don’t give up hope because the Saint Benedict Medal will guide you to the right path to prevent you from losing all the way,”

“And assist you in these trying times to reach to your desired outcomes, whether it’s love, wealth, safety or health.”

“The reason why I’m sharing this to you now is because I hope everyone can do the favor to share this to the people around you,”

“Because the more you share, the more blessings you and the people around you will receive.”“Let’s make this world a better place together.”

- David

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