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The Queen Bee Who Is Conquering The Hearts of Men

With over 16 exes, Lorraine Odell doesn’t just attract a queue of guys waiting to chase after her, she also attracts swarms of bees.

Currently a 56-year-old beekeeper with 3 great-grandchildren, Lorraine is in a long-term relationship with her 25-year-old boyfriend and people just can’t believe this couple is 31 years apart! They were just like a common teenage couple living their first love experience again.

As news started spreading, Lorraine has been receiving the same question from many people…

How does she easily conceal her age with her young-looking face?

Lorraine’s answer to that shocked everyone.

“Many people would think that I’m gifted with never-aging skin but that isn’t true.

“Back when I was very young, I had accidentally spilt boiling water on myself,”

“Leaving severe scars all over my body.”  

“But after my dad taught me a trick of how bees can help us to reverse time,” 

“My skin was restored to its prime condition,” 

“Allowing me to remain my baby face beauty.”

- Lorraine Odell 

A Dance Never Seen Before

This caught the attention of a world-leading dermatologist, Dr. Michele Edwards, who has 26 years of expertise in treating aging skin.

Curious of Lorraine’s vampire look even at age 56, Dr. Michele decided to pay her a visit and she had her mind blown once she saw what Lorraine was doing.

As she was dancing with 10,000 bees on her body at her bee farm!

Bees would even follow her everywhere she goes, whether it’s to the car or to the grocery store, showing the whole world how close she is with bees.

Mismatching Hands

However, there was one thing odd about her farm, as Dr. Michele noticed all workers here were not wearing any glove and their hands looked even younger than how they look!

Unable to wrap her head around it, Dr. Michele asked Lorraine and this was what she explained.

“Having bees on your body can be dangerous,”

“But as beekeepers, we want to show bees that we’re just their friends.”

“That’s why my dad’s the first to stop wearing protective gear,”

“Leading him to discover something big after getting stung while collecting honey,”

“As the area he got stung on had honey, he surprisingly felt no pain!”

“And the next day, my dad’s old scar since his childhood had faded!”

“And his hand even looked young and smooth.”

- Lorraine Odell

Underneath The Stings

Unable to believe that bee stings provide youthful skin, Dr. Michele requested for a small sample of bee venom to conduct further research and her suspicion on bee venom was right.

“Bee venom is indeed the factor that gave them young-looking hands!”

“Because anyone who gets stung will develop a natural immunity from the stings,” 

“Leaving subsequent stings with less pain, redness or swelling, but with more nourishing benefits on the skin.”

“As bee venom contains a strong anti-aging compound, known as melittin.”

“It can penetrate your skin to provide lifting and plumping effect,”

“And boost cell regeneration to the point where you’ll look like you never had any skin condition before,”

“This was what allowed Lorraine to achieve an ageless look,”

“As she cleverly applied her dad’s teaching of applying honey onto skin,”

“To prevent pain yet receive rejuvenating effects whenever she got stung,”

“Saving her skin from second-degree burns when she was young,”

“And preserving her youthful look till now.”

- Dr. Michele Edwards 

Reversing Time

To assess whether her findings were true, Dr. Michele invited a 40-year-old volunteer with saggy skin and wrinkles to try a prototype she created which the results were amazing!

“Her skin showed no signs of irritation at all!”

“An hour after applying, she looked like she just came out from a spa.”

“And a week later, she returned having firmer skin,”

“Her wrinkles were even visibly reduced!”

– Dr. Michele Edwards


As good as the results were, Dr. Michele knew not everyone would be ready for this “sting treatment”.

But with a strong will to share this blessing in disguise to the whole world, she started using an extraction method that wouldn’t harm the bees to collect the purest bee venom.

As she recalled how honey was always present whenever they got stung, Dr. Michele decided to create an upgraded face serum by combining bee venom and Manuka honey.

She called it Bireini™. 

“Our skin consists of three layers and the outermost layer acts as a barrier, which is important to help make our skin feel soft and supple.”

“But as we age and when external factors damage our skin, our skin continues to lose its bounce and stretchiness, leaving it prone to wrinkles, spots and sags.” 

“But Bireini™ is able to reverse this entire process as it replicates bee venom to fool your skin to think that you’ve been stung,”

“Tricking your body to begin self-healing processes by increasing blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to the applied area,”

“Speeding up recovery of damaged skin cells to provide you new, smooth and young-looking skin,”

“As your fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothened as you plump up your skin to a whole new level, tightening saggy skin to allow you to feel the youthful bounce again.”

“With Manuka honey added into Bireini™,”

“Production of collagen and elastin in the deepest skin layer will be further boosted by tenfold,”

“Protecting your skin against strong ultraviolet radiation and preventing hyperpigmentation which fades dark spots away,”

“Gifting your face a whitened and even skin tone.”

“As Bireini™ deeply moisturizes your skin inside out, your skin will look supple and radiant all the time wherever you go.”

- Dr. Michele Edwards

Creating A World Of Buzz

To get a fair verdict, Dr Michele invited Lorraine to try Bireini™ in a clinical trial and this was what she so happily shared.

“This worked even better than what my dad taught.”

“I could see its effects fast as my stubborn crow’s feet were gone in just a few days,"

“Giving me a glowing, supple and bouncy skin in a short period of time.

“No more long hours spent on extracting bee venom.”

“And Bireini™ uses only little amount of bee venom to deliver skin-revitalizing effects,”

“Ensuring that our bees will not be overworked!”

- Lorraine Odell

Besides Lorraine, 999 participants have also experienced a youthful lift in the clinical trial which 98% of them have shown a brightened skin tone with faded dark spots.

“Nature really does have the cure for all things.”

“Even though bee venom has been commonly associated with unwanted side effects,”

“Its benefits to youthful skin care tend to be overlooked by majority.”

“Now, I just hope everyone can experience an eternally glowing skin for themselves.”

– Dr. Michele Edwards

Ever since it’s official launch, Bireini™ has received multiple patents and has even been approved by the dermatological associations across many countries.

90,000 people around the world are now buzzing their way to an ever-youthful complexion. 

Are you ready to age gracefully?