Smart Learner - Baby Caramel

After wasting her youth working tirelessly day and night, this granny was thought to be left behind by the modern world and its complex advancements. Only for her to prove everyone wrong when she started coding better than any other young minds.

Introducing the 81-year-old granny who started a gaming empire despite never having seen a computer before.

Brain Development And Memory

Figure: Neurons creating new memories

The brain is the center of our survival as well as our own identity. It is responsible for processing and keeping track of new information every day, where an average brain is able to store up to 2.5 million gigabits of information at once. This is all made possible for a section of the brain called Hippocampus (Mehrotra, 2022).

Figure: The Hippocampus

The Hippocampus is a region of the brain consisting of neurons that not only transfers information throughout the brain, but also stores long-term data for future reference. This plays an important role in learning and memorization. Moreover, the region also includes a section called the dentate gyrus; this is where even more neurons are created in order to either add to the collection or to replace decaying neurons (Queensland Brain Institute, 2018).

This essentially allows for our memory region to remain fresh and unharmed.

Time And Brain Deterioration

Figure: Comparison Between Young and Old Brain

However, just like the rest of our body, the brain starts to lose more and more of its ability as we grow older through time. It is a common belief that brain deterioration starts at around the age of 60, but further research shows it could very well begin around 40 to 50 (Boyles, 2012).

Figure: Neurons Retrieving Information

One of the main factors for this is the decline of our hippocampus region. This area is responsible for not only retrieving past information but also to form present ones as well. After a certain age, this region stops producing and repairing brain cells, which in turn leaves decayed neuron unreplaced (Smith, n.d.).

Figure: Neurons Slowing Down

On top of that, the hormones and proteins responsible for cell regeneration of the brain also decreases over time; this slows down brain development as well as its preservation. If left unattended, it would end up slowing down the process as a whole, leading to worse memory, poor judgement and even unstable mood swings (Smith, n.d.).

Figure: Blood Circulation of The Brain

Another reason would be the lack of blood circulation going towards the brain as our blood vessels grow older and more clogged. This heavily impacts the performance of the brain in general due to its desperate need of nutrients and oxygen. In turn, it would result in slowly processing, memory loss and mental unawareness (Amen Clinic, n.d.).

Preserving The Mind

Figure: Picture of Amber

Despite the grim reality of getting old, there is hope to preserve our mind. And that would be through the use of none other than amber from ancient trees. Using its intense antioxidant and anti-spasmodic elements, this is the miracle cure for all memory problems.

Succinic Essence

Figure: Diagram of Succinic Essence

One of the main chemicals involved in the magic would be succinic essence. This provides the body and brain with anti-oxidant properties which aid in reducing oxidative stress and free radicals throughout the nerves.

Figure: Diagram of Oxidative Stress

These damages are byproducts of the body burning food to make more energy, which can accumulate overtime to cause some serious effects on the brain and nerves. Luckily, the anti-oxidative property of amber may act as both a deterrent as well as a layer of protection against such threats.


Figure: Picture of Terpenes

Amber also contains an intense number of Terpenes, which not only further enchant the anti-oxidative elements of the succinic essence, but it also reduces inflammation as well. This chemical also allows for neuroprotective elements within the brain as well as encouraging better general cognitive abilities.

Figure: A Diagram on How Mood Swings Affect The Brain

Despite being a layer of protection against disease, Terpene also acts as an anxiety reduction agent. By suppressing brain-related abnormalities, this chemical is able to regulate mood disorders, depression and mood swings.


Figure: Image of Optimized Blood Flow

Another main component of amber would be its anti-spasmodic effects on the body. This encourages better blood flow throughout the body, especially the brain, which enables more resources to be used by the brain. With the help of this chemical, the brain will have better mental clarity as well as improved awareness in general.

10 Days Journey To Reclaiming Your Prime

Johnny is a young teenager who belongs to a struggling family, with his grades being their one-way ticket out of poverty. However, ever since Johnny moved into the big city, he began having trouble focusing in class and learning anything at all. Johnny had never been an honor student back in his hometown, but he was never bad enough to the point of failing.

This is his 10-day journey to regain his position in academia, with Okuro™.

Day 3

During the first few days of using Okuro™, Johnny had finally started listening more in class. The once uninterested and distracted boy now became the most attentive student amongst his peers, gaining the attention of teachers as well as the respect of fellow students.

Day 7

Johnny eventually gathers a reputation after a week of using Okuro™; by becoming a sponge for knowledge, more and more people are going to him for help with their own studies. Even the teachers would ask Johnny to help out around the class. Just under 7 days, Jonny managed to become kid tutor for his peers.

Day 10

By the end of the journey, Johnny and his family as a whole became smarter and calmer than ever before. With Okuro™ being part of their lives now, Johnny’s parents went back to education by teaching themselves what they had be robbed in their childhood. Meanwhile, Johnny is now aiming for a scholarship to become an astronaut and reach for the stars.