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Discover The Woman Who Became Her
Twin Sister’s “Granddaughter”

Meet the twin sisters who were born minutes apart but aged differently. One of the twin sisters even looks like the other twin’s grandmother.

Agatha and Esther are non-identical twins who were separated at birth. After decades of trying to reunite, they finally met but people around them couldn’t believe that they were twins.

Despite having almost the same genes, Esther looks like an older version of Agatha.

Unraveling The Mystery

The unique case of these twin sisters has drawn a lot of attention around the world, especially among the specialists in the medical field.

One of them is Dr. Hilary, a world-renowned dermatologist who has more than 20 years of experience in the skin-care industry.

Curious, Dr. Hilary tried to contact the twins and found out that the younger-looking twin, Agatha is currently residing in a family-owned vineyard in Geneva, Switzerland.

So, Dr. Hilary decided to travel to Geneva to get her answers. When she saw 65-year-old Agatha, her jaw dropped:

“I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. When Agatha greeted me, I noticed how smooth and crystal clear her skin looked.”

“She looks just as young as someone in their 30s. I would have believed Agatha if she said she was her granddaughter!”

-Dr. Hilary

Enthralled, Dr. Hilary wanted to know how Agatha achieved such youthfulness and what Agatha revealed next was nothing short of amazing:

“Outsiders assumed that I had plastic surgeries or Botox but I owe my youthful skin to my adoptive parents who have been running this vineyard for centuries.”

“It all started when one of our ancestors realized the benefits of grape juice when their hands became flawless after years of handling grapes.”

“That’s when they began to make a homemade elixir of youth using the grapes from the vineyards to pamper their skin.”

“That is why I still practice this traditional beauty regime till this day.”


Trying Out The Centuries-Old Recipe

Realizing how this breakthrough discovery could change the beauty industry, Dr. Hilary invited the older-looking twin, Esther to try out the elixir.

For the next three weeks, Esther had to apply the elixir every day and night:

“After completing the treatment, Esther’s crow’s feet have reduced.”

“Her skin appears to be more moisturized, plumped and brighter now.”

-Dr. Hilary

Looking at how effective the traditional elixir was, Dr. Hilary brought back some samples of the grapes to the US to conduct a deeper research.

After a series of tests, she realized that the grapes exclusively grown in Geneva have the highest amount of stem cells that can replenish skin cells for a regenerative effect.

The Birth Of Jeunel™: Elixir Of Youth From The Vineyard

Considering how powerful the effects of grape stem cells are, Dr. Hilary had the idea of creating a skincare product using grapes.

So, she collaborated with top skin care experts all around the world and after years of intensive research and development, Dr. Hilary and her team finally unraveled the secrets of anti-aging with grapes.

And they enhanced Agatha’s family’s traditional recipe to make it more powerful. That is how Jeunel™ Stem-effect mask was born.

A major breakthrough in science research, Jeunel™ is a photo-aging defense and antioxidant face mask made with the lightest and finest natural fibers on the planet, silk.

Silk helps to firm up the skin with its natural occurring collagen and it has moisturizing effects that are 7 times more powerful than normal masks. The mask also prevents the quick evaporation of water. Hence, providing better absorption of the product.

Jeunel™ was sourced organically from Geneva, Switzerland. It is an ultralight mask formulated with premium grape stem cell extracts that work alongside chrysanthemum Indicum flower extract, Hyaluronic acid, and peptides to intensively repair, soothe, and moisturize damaged skin resulting in a radiant, beautiful, and youthful complexion.

Dr. Hilary further explains the science and inspiration behind creating Jeunel™:

“Approximately 80% of skin damage is the result of sun exposure and UV rays and although the skin constantly renews itself…”

“These self-renewing stem cells may regenerate more slowly as part of the aging process causing lines, pigmentation, and loss of skin tone.”

“However, we’ve created Jeunel™ to help protect your skin from the sun.”

“Thanks to the small but mighty protective power of grape stem cells which promotes cell turnover and increases collagen production.”

“To fight creases, improve hydration level, skin texture, and skin tone.”

-Dr. Hilary

The Twin Sister’s Verdicts

When the first batch of Jeunel™’s Stem-effect mask was rolled out, both Agatha and Esther gave their verdicts.

Here is what Agatha has to say:

“Jeunel™ is much more convenient to use. I don’t have to spend hours making the homemade elixir anymore.”

“And within a few days, I’ve noticed how dewy my skin feels. Even some of my stubborn sunspots have faded!”

“I am glad that I can finally share my family’s secret with the world.”


Esther also shares her positive reviews:

“My skin has never felt this soft and supple in such a long time. I don’t have to apply foundation anymore, I am more confident in my bare skin now.”

“It’s as if I’ve beaten the odds of time and I’ve been reborn again.”


Jeunel™ Has Gained Worldwide Recognition

When Jeunel™ made its debut internationally, it took the beauty world by storm. One of the avid users is excited to share her experience:

“This is my new favorite thing. The Jeunel™ antioxidant mask. It’s the thinnest mask in the world to make the essence penetrate into my skin.”

“Jeunel™ is so much better than any other masks that I’ve used. It feels so amazing and it definitely helps to get rid of my lines and makes my skin glow.”

“If you just want to turn back time for your skin, go and get the Jeunel™ antioxidant mask today!”

-Satisfied user

Another satisfied user also shared her honest review after using Jeunel™:

“I am truly obsessed with Jeunel™ Stem-effect mask. It is part of my beauty regimen for life!”

“Look at how thin this sheet mask is, it fits perfectly and it’s almost invisible. My skin is so much more hydrated. It’s glowing and it just feels so fresh.”

“You guys gotta try it for yourself!”

-Satisfied user

With Jeunel™, now everyone can turn back the clock on aging. Start reclaiming your confidence and discover younger-looking skin like never before!

Join Agatha, Esther, and the others who have benefited from Jeunel™.

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