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Exposing the Unbreakable Granny Made of Steel

Thursday, December 21st, 2023 | Cameron Vargas, Senior Editor

70-year-old Chiyo was once old and frail but her complete turnaround has stunned millions around the globe. Having recently won the title of Yokota Japan Bodybuilder Competition, she is proving to the world that age is merely just a number.

In a recent interview, Chiyo was asked:

“What is the secret to your youthful spirit?”

To which she replied:

“People think that life stops when you grow old.”

“But the truth is, life doesn’t stop for anybody.”

“The reason why I can still train like a beast comes down to only one thing…”

“Being completely free of any pain and diseases.”

– Chiyo

But Chiyo’s Story Had A Different Start

Back when she was 63, she was already on several medications: high blood pressure and high cholesterol among others.

Doctors told her she’d have to take more to treat her declining health or she wouldn’t live to see her next birthday.

But ever since she returned from Japan’s ‘Village of Longevity’, she made a miraculous health recovery defying ALL odds!

Unravelling The Secret To Longevity

Her inspiring story piqued the interest of Dr. Ethan Campbell, a toxicologist with over 30 years of experience.

He was intrigued by how Chiyo reclaimed her health that he dedicated half a year living in the village to investigate.

And what he discovered was truly shocking…

“They don’t have doctors, medications or hospitals.”

“Yet the villagers live these remarkably healthy lives.”

“Many of them even live up to 100 years old!”

“It challenged everything I thought about aging.”

“These centenarians are not wasting away bedridden.”

“They’re active, happy and healthy.”

– Dr. Campbell

The Villagers’ Fountain-Of-Youth Lifestyle

Dr. Campbell asked around to get insights as to how they achieve healthy aging.

Among the locals approached is 108-year-old Kaneshiro Eiko, a fisherwoman who works in strenuous conditions everyday. Yet, she doesn’t let age stop her.

“For centuries now, we’ve made hot springs a habitual aspect of daily life.”

“We believe in ‘toji’ which literally means ‘hot water cure’ in Japanese.”

“It’s a method of soaking in mineral-rich hot springs.”

“Absorbing the healing benefits into one’s body through the feet.”

“To aid in recuperation and the treatment of a variety of ailments.”

“This practice has been passed down through generations.”

“At 108, I’ve never been diagnosed with any serious health issues.”

“Same goes to my brothers and sisters who are just as healthy.”

– Kaneshiro Eiko, Villager

Dr. Campbell Found It Hard To Believe At First

But after experiencing it for himself for a week, he felt less fatigue throughout the day. It also relieved his aching muscles.

Convinced, he quickly realised that this way of life has been overlooked by modern healthcare as many people resort to the convenience of popping pills instead, damaging our body without us even realising it.

Only in rural areas like the ‘Village of Longevity’, the elders are still using this ancient method for self-healing to maintain a healthy, disease-free life.

An Ancient Japanese Belief

The Japanese have long believed that the feet are the doorway to the body. They act as a barrier between the outer environment and your internal body.

If this doorway is well-maintained, your body will be toxin-free. But without proper protection, toxins will accumulate in your body causing your immune system to shut down and your body to be vulnerable to all kinds of infections and diseases.

The feet are the best place to draw out toxins and wastes because they have the most sweat glands than any part of the body.

Dr. Campbell Realized The Villagers Were Onto Something

However, he knew that not everyone had the luxury of time and money to travel all the way to Japan just to soak their feet.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands by modernizing this traditional practice into a special foot patch.

He Called It Onsens™

Dr. Campbell explained the science behind it:

“Onsens™ is infused with the goodness of minerals found in the hot springs such as calcium, chloride, iron, magnesium...”

“Also, activated charcoal, an added ingredient to provide a detoxifying boost.”

“Once applied, it absorbs quickly through the soles of the feet.”

“To boost the number of lymphocytes, our body’s main immune cells which fights off harmful viruses and bacteria.”

“And fortifies the immune system against any pain and illnesses.”

– Dr. Campbell

Onsens™ Receives The Nod Of Approval From Many Others

When the first batch of Onsens™ rolled out, Dr. Campbell first tested it out on Chiyo for her verdict.

“It’s so much more convenient.”

“Works even better than the traditional method.”

“I feel brand new and full of energy!”

– Chiyo

Then, in a clinical trial, the treatment group showed significantly better outcomes than the control group. A whopping 93% reported drastic improvements in their overall health!

Among the subjects in the treatment group was 68-year-old Frankie who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

“I’ve been living with this condition for years now.”

“My skin hurt, my joint all ached.”

“It got so bad that I couldn’t even open the doors of my car.”

“Doctors advised the use of Onsens™ so I tried it for a week.” “Incredibly, I felt a huge wave of relief right after.”

“The swelling in my hands and feet reduced.” “The pain was completely gone after just a few uses.”

“In a week’s time, I could resume everyday activities from barely able to walk prior.”

– Frankie

Dr. Campbell Hopes More People Can Reap The Benefits Of Onsens™

“This doctorless village has opened my eyes to the possibility of healthy aging.”

“And now that I’ve experienced it myself…”

“I can only hope that Onsens™ will help others achieve a long and healthy life too.”

– Dr. Campbell

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