Tychera™ - Baby Caramel
You Deserve an Abundance Of Luck and Happiness

Luck seems to just magically follow certain people around, attracting as much success and fortune as they desire while others seem to somehow project an energy repelling luck away from them.

But what most people don’t know is that luck is something we’re all capable of attracting. Tychera™ Bracelet is a beautiful way to wear a bit of intentionality every day in order to attract wealth, abundance, and good fortune. Wear one for yourself and put your life on a better path!

Beautiful Gemstones in Harmony with Nature

Tychera™ Bracelet is an inspired piece of jewelry that will help you attract a continuous flow of wealth and block negative energies in your environment. It is made from pyrite stones and is worn both as an accessory and a gemstone enhancer. Every bead was delicately crafted to maintain its integrity.

This lucky stone, also known as the money magnet, takes its power from the Greek Goddess of Fortune, Tyche. It can attract a continuous flow of wealth and block negative energies in the environment, thanks to its connection to the solar plexus chakra, which guides the wearer by doubling their drive and motivation to move forward in their career and make wise investment decisions in order to increase the flow of money in their lives.

Amazing Benefits

  • Attracts a continuous flow of good fortune and auspicious opportunities

  • Encourages positivity and optimum luck for prosperity

  • Multiplies willpower and motivation

  • Deflects negative energies and troubled hearts

  • Balances environmental energy to encourage situational awareness

Things You Should Know When Wearing Tychera™ Bracelet

1. The bracelet is one size fits all for both men and women.

2. Do not shower with the bracelet! The dirt you’re cleansing off may come into contact with the beads and pollute its effects.

3. Avoid letting strangers touch the bracelet. If it happens by accident, rinse the bracelet with distilled water.

4. Wear the bracelet at all times and rub on the beads occasionally for maximal effect.

After moving into a new place, a terrible house fire went through the whole area yet my home stayed lit up from the fire despite my smoke detector being faulty. When no other homes but mine were left standing in the aftermath, I never would've guessed that the beautiful beads on each string were what saved me. Not long after my birthday I made it up the ladder of success with promotions quickly rolling in and found myself at the top making lives change within a few weeks’ time. My gratitude towards Tychera™ Bracelet is infinite because it deserves nothing less than recognition.

Suzanne Jones, WY

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As someone who lives a hectic lifestyle, this is honestly exactly what I needed. I was always wondering what I could do about my negative emotions which are so unproductive. So, when a friend gifted me this Tychera™ Bracelet, I felt like it was the perfect time to change things up for myself! Not only does it feel great wearing something new every day but it also helps reduce negative thoughts!

Jonathan Dean, NC

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Tychera™ Bracelet has helped me conquer all adversity. It’s all about balance, which is why it does so much for me. Whenever I feel blue or in the doldrums of depression (something we're often plagued with nowadays), my sweet boyfriend always comes over with a huge bundle of gorgeous red roses to cheer me up. My life's never been this good before – balanced and so beautiful. Thanks to my companion Tychera™ Bracelet, the best moments were happening all around me.

Carolyn Mitchell, IL

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