Human Computer - Baby Caramel
This Kid Had A Hole In His Brain That Made Him
Calculate Faster Than Supercomputers

Surpassing artificial intelligence when Brian’s IQs were supposed to be lower than any average kid, many people didn’t know the tremendous pain behind his success in order to gain an unbeatable mind power today.

Those Traumatic Days
It happened when Brian was only the age of 10 as a sudden 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck his home when he was just studying like normal.

Unluckily, that was the time he experienced the 0.0001% odds of having a metal rod piercing through his head.

Immediately sent to the ER, many doctors thought he wouldn’t make it as the pole had damaged his entire frontal lobe, which is the most important area of our brain that’s responsible for all body movements and cognitive functions.

All the doctors were in panic as they struggled for weeks to determine the best solution in order to save his life. It was only after multiple discussions and surgeries that the doctors conducted that allowed Brian to leave the hospital 3 months later.
A Never-Ending Loss

But things became even more difficult once he’s back home as he had lost all his past memory and knowledge learned since young. When that wasn’t enough, Brian found it difficult to learn again or even to understand simple words!

It caused him to lose not only the ability to communicate but also a big part of himself because Brian would have sudden anger tantrums and sometimes even forgetting how to walk. As a result, he was often bullied in school, without any escape.

The Hole Filled With Light

As his symptoms worsened, his parents brought him to try everything from taking multiple medications to attending different therapy sessions. They even met every doctor for any possible treatments but there was no one who could help except Dr. Marc, who is a world-leading brain neurosurgeon with 33 years of experience.

“I once had a patient who had hundreds of tapeworms in his brain, all because he ate uncooked food.”

“Though we successfully removed the worms, he was left with less than half of his brain. But that wasn’t the most shocking point, because in the next few weeks…”

“He returned with a fully recovered brain, like nothing had happened at all!”

“When I asked him what he had done, all he showed me was a bottle of oil which was a formula his great-grandparents have specially made.”

“But because I was still in disbelief, I requested a small sample from him and ran a detailed research on it.”

– Dr. Marc

A Surprise Within The Bottle

This was what Dr. Marc found:

The bottle of oil was actually a pure concentrated extract of sandalwood and within itself lies a strong compound known as sesquiterpenes.

It has the strongest ability to recover brain injuries by increasing up to 82% of oxygen being sent to the brain for its healing processes which explains how Dr. Marc’s patient could enjoy a speedy recovery in just weeks.

Hypothesizing that it can help Brian, Dr. Marc started developing a prototype by extracting the highest concentration of sesquiterpenes from sandalwood into an oil to be applied onto Brian’s temples.

After weeks of application, Dr. Marc has finally gotten positive results from his MRI scan.

“The hole in Brian’s brain has grown fully back into its healthy size!”

“Somehow, the scans showed that his frontal lobe was regenerated with neurons that have larger dendrites,”

“Which is the factor that make people exceptionally smart, gifting them extremely high IQs!”

– Dr. Marc

“Ever since my brain had a hole, I always felt like I was trapped in a mindless body.”

“Like a human with incomplete thought processes and an uncontrollable body.”

“But after using the oil, I could finally walk like normal, convey every message clearly,”

“My mood was stable and I started picking up things at a really fast pace where I could also study advance mathematics in school on my own.”

“My classmates even came to me for help and requested me to tutor them.”

– Brian


Witnessing Brian’s successful recovery along with a boost of intelligence, Dr. Marc realized its high potential to help people around the world who have been struggling mentally without a choice.

So, he decided to create an upgraded formula consisting of sandalwood extract and Bacopa monnieri, an ancient herb used in Ayurvedic medicine that can increase anyone’s IQ by tenfold.

After months of trials and errors, he finally created Intello™.

“Infused with the highest contents of Sandalwood and Bacopa Monnieri,”

“These compounds can go beyond our blood-brain barrier to increase new neural connections in different parts of our brain,”

“Replacing the loss of brain cells as we age to protect our brain from cognitive decline and all other cognitive problems.”

“At the same time, users will experience a high increase in intelligence which provides mental clarity and attentiveness.”

“You’ll witness yourself having better memory, improved problem-solving skills and a reduced reaction time as your information processing speeds up.”

“By inhaling the floral and deep woody scent of Intello™ once a day,”

“Anyone will begin to think like a prodigy with a constant elevated mood as your mind maintain at its peak performance no matter when or where!”

– Dr. Marc

Becoming The Brightest Star

After months of continued usage of Intello™, Brian had now easily mastered calculus, statistics and physics calculations, all which were advanced levels from a university grade!

Brian was even more happy to help NASA solve tough mathematical problems which they couldn’t figure out for decades!

Today, this 11-year-old astronomer hasn’t only made his parents proud but has also inspired many who had a mental difficulty, to never give up.

Here’s what 18-year-old Kathryn who has ADHD wants to say.

“I used to be stuck in an infinity loop of failing my grades again and again.”

“Even when I took medications and tried my best to focus in class or in tuition,”

“Nothing ever works! Tiny distractions were just everywhere!”

“Things only changed once I tried Intello™.”

“For the first time in my life, my mind was finally calm.”

“My thoughts were organized and I started remembering better.”

“The next thing I knew, I passed my SAT with flying colors and even nailed my driving test recently!”

- Kathryn

Besides Kathryn and Brian, more than hundred-thousands of people around the world have already gained a limitless mind to achieve anything their heart desires.

To support the month of mental health awareness, Dr. Marc is working in partnership with national learning disability associations to offer up to 80% discount for any purchase.

No one is born unintelligent because all geniuses are MADE.

Are you willing to try?