Flying Granny - Baby Caramel
Discover The “Rubber Grandma” Who Enjoys
Floating Mid-Air On The Pole

75-year-old pole dancer Kazuko has earned the nickname “elastic granny”. She's been pole dancing non-stop for decades!

While most women her age are enjoying their retirement, Kazuko struts her stuff on the stage even when she is in her golden years. Until one day, she felt intense pains in her arms and knees. So, she had to take a break from dancing.

Identifying The Causes

Desperate to find a solution, Kazuko tried various medications and spent thousands on treatments but they were only a temporary fix.

Kazuko became depressed because she thought she would never dance again. She was on the verge of giving up until she met Dr. Haruto, a chronic pain specialist with more than 20 years of experience.

To get a clearer picture of what is causing her agony, Dr. Haruto performed X-ray scans on Kazuko’s arms and legs and it revealed some joint changes and bone damage due to a condition called Osteoarthritis.

Dr. Haruto explains Kazuko’s condition as well as how to tackle them:

“Cartilage is a protective substance that cushions the ends of the bones in the joints. It allows the joints to move smoothly and easily.”

“Osteoarthritis occurs when the protective cartilage wears down over time. This causes inflammation in the joints reducing its ability to absorb shock causing a person to experience pain and difficulty with movement.”

“So, anti-inflammatories ingredients are vital to accelerate the swelling and inflammation of the joint to relieve aches.”

-Dr. Haruto

The Oiran’s Revelation

Kazuko’s condition reminded him of one of his field research trips to Kyoto, Japan which is the capital of Oirans, who are professional entertainers hired to dance and interact with guests for hours.

“The Oirans piqued my interest when I traveled to Kyoto because they wore heavy and large 20cm shoes but could walk with specific footwork effortlessly in parades.”

“When I visited the oldest Oiran training academy, they told me that after all the years of training and countless falls...”

“It strained their backs and knees which caused various discomforts but to alleviate the pain, they would apply a homemade healing oil and the Oirans will immediately get back on their feet and ready to perform.”

-Dr. Haruto

Testing Out The Oiran’s Healing Oil

Considering how his previous research could help Kazuko, Dr. Haruto managed to bring back a sample of the oil and tested it out on her:

“Within a few minutes of massaging her arms and knees with the oil blend Kazuko immediately felt a sense of relief.”

“She could even dance on the pole for hours, feeling as light as a feather! The traditional oil definitely works better than painkillers.”

-Dr. Haruto

After a series of tests, Dr. Haruto discovered that the main ingredient in the oil is none other than Kyoto’s eucalyptus leaves.

The trees are exclusively grown in the Kitayama mountains in Kyoto and he realized that only the ones native to Kyoto had the highest analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory compounds such as limonene which can soothe away swelling and pain.

They Called It Yeshiko™

Realizing how this breakthrough discovery could change the world of medicine, Dr. Haruto wanted to help more people around the globe.

So, he collaborated with a team of experts to create a pain-relief massage oil. That’s how Yeshiko™ was born. It is a fast-acting pain-relief oil inspired by the Japanese Oirans.

Yeshiko™ is made from only premium Eucalyptus leaves from Kyoto, Japan obtained by the latest state-of-the-art cold pressing technology:

“By massaging Yeshiko™ to the affected area, the soothing properties will easily penetrate deep into the skin tissues promoting the proper circulation of blood in the joints which relaxes the muscles and nerves in the troubled area.”

“To enjoy the full potential of Yeshiko™, pair it with a diffuser.”

“Once inhaled, the long-lasting aroma will travel to the brain’s limbic system and change your perception of pain into something more positive, lightening your feeling of discomfort.”

-Dr. Haruto

Yeshiko™ Gained Worldwide Recognition

When the first batch of Yeshiko™ was rolled out, Kazuko gave her verdict:

“Yeshiko™ is so easy to use, and it absorbs easily with instant effects. Previously, I had to travel all the way to Kyoto just to get the homemade oil.”

“But with Yeshiko™, I can enjoy the relief without any hassle. With only a few drops rubbed onto the affected areas I immediately felt a release of pressure and discomfort.”

“Before I go to bed at night, I use it with my diffuser and I wake up feeling refreshed and free from aches for the rest of my day.”

“Pole dancing has never been easier, I feel like I am in my 20s again! I even became the first grandma to win an international pole dancing competition.”

“Thanks to Yeshiko™, I bounced back stronger than before!”


When Yeshiko™ was launched worldwide, more than 98.5% of users have reported satisfaction as it provided them with fast and effective relief all over the body.

One of them is 78-year-old Michael, who has chronic back problems:

“Because of the pain, I couldn’t even stand up and I had to take harmful painkillers.”

“I thought that I’d have to take them for the rest of my life until my daughter bought Yeshiko™ for me.”

“I was hesitant at first, but after applying it on my back for a few minutes, my back felt less heavy and within minutes, I was back on my feet!”

“The smell is incredibly soothing. Without it, I would probably still be bedbound.”


Say Hello To Pain-Free Days

People around the world are now using this pain-relief oil to relieve their chronic woes. Come join Kazuko and the others who have benefitted from Yeshiko™.

Are you ready to finally be relieved of your pain too?

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